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Tiffany's 70 pound weight loss

Tiffani lost 70 pounds in 5 months by following the First Doctors Weight Loss program as part of her commitment to improve her health. We are so proud of her!

First Doctors Weight Loss does not guarantee any specific weight loss results. Weight loss results vary based on the individual.

Pleasantly surprised, informative, great staff!!!!. It can be very scary admitting you need help, but when I was ready to begin the journey to a healthier me; I chose First Doctors Weight Loss! It's not a quick fix app nor is it a get thin fast scheme, it is a safe, educational environment where you will learn what is best for your body. The staff has become my cheerleaders and no matter what my personal goal is, I know I will get there as long as I commit to me as much as they do. One lb after another I have lost and I am down almost thirty lbs and cannot wait for the next thirty!!!! A bikini may not be my ultimate goal, but nobody will be able to steal this joy I have given myself by starting with First Doctors Weight Loss.

C.P., Hiram

I have lost 21 lbs with them, in the last 60 days. I lost 15 lbs my first month, and 6 lbs the second (Due to bad habits getting the best of me). I was referred from a friend who has lost over 70lbs, and it hasn't been a year for her yet! We both look and feel great! Clothes are starting to look good on me again, and I keep getting tons of compliments. This program and staff are like no other. They have many options to help you maximize your weight loss, and all are effective. Make the appointment, and do something good for yourself. Invest in your health. I do not regret anything. GOOD LUCK!

B.W., Hiram

Love this place. Professional, kind and caring staff. Advance texts or emails sent to inform you of your appointments. Losing the weight I need and Donna gives excellent tips on how to obtain your goals. I take the Lipo shots. The ladies (my favorite girls) that shoot me are gentle. They are the best. Place is clean and neat. I highly recommend this place. I am losing the weight I need and will continue to go as I reach my goal. They give discounts for referrals and also have specials.

V.H., Hiram

The staff are professional, helpful and very pleasant. They are all eager to help you reach your goals. They offer good advice and are encouraging. The office is always clean and neat. The staff work together to get you in and out in a timely manner. I appreciate their help and highly recommend this office.

P.S., Douglasville

Excellent results with their program after just a few months, would definitely suggest this office if you are looking to lose weight in a supervised way.

M.M., Hiram

I just had my first monthly weigh in since I've started back at the gym and eating better. I've taken this last month (3 days shy of a month) to get my routine back in order and taking control of my body and how I feel about it… As of today, I have lost 17 pounds.

B.Z., Rome

Excellent customer service and warm bedside manner. Very professional and knowledgeable.

J.A., Hiram

Everyone is super helpful and very nice, willing to answer any questions and took as long as it needed. Very clean environment and there was not a long wait time. I'm so glad me and my husband were referred to this office.

J.H., Rome

I have been very happy with my progress; I have not been at this weight in a very long time!

P.T., Hiram

I can't say enough good things about this place. The people are friendly, the office is clean, and the staff asks questions to make sure that you are doing well with whatever program you are on.

E.S., Hiram

Staff is always friendly and professional, and can answer any health or eating lifestyle questions!! They also have prompt service!!

S.M., Douglasville

Excellent customer service and all of the staff pays close attention to details.

E.T., Douglasville

I have been overweight most of my adult life, in the last year I have lost and kept off over 60 lbs.

E.K., Rome

The office staff was very friendly. The wait time for my appointment was very short. They didn't rush me out once I was seen. They are conveniently open on Saturdays which works out for me because of my work schedule.

T.H., Rome

The visit from start to finish was fantastic, very nice staff.

D.T., Rome

Everyone is super nice, professional and takes the time to answer all your questions!

K.J., Hiram

This is the only program that has worked for me. It is very affordable, and the staff is friendly. I have lot about 22 lbs. in less than 2 months. It used to take me 6 months to lose 10 lbs. For the first time in my life I believe that I will meet my goal weight. TY for giving me hope with proven results!

E.C., Hiram

Office is neat, clean and efficient. The staff is so nice. I was surprised to be greeted by name before I even signed in on my last visit. There are so many clients I assumed the staff would be too busy to be so personable.

Vanessa H., Douglasville

I walked into the weight loss clinic not sure what to expect. I have never visited a weight loss clinic before. The staff in the Hiram office was very professional. They made sure I understood exactly how the plan would work that I chose. I left feeling knowledgeable about the plan I chose. My overall experience was great.

V.B., Hiram

I'm loving my results and the staff members are so helpful!

W.P., Douglasville

I have recommended your practice to friends.

Gayla L., Douglasville

You all have supported my 30+ lbs. weight loss! Thank you.

C.B., Hiram

This group has stood by my side through my whole weight loss journey. Thank you!

Justin H., Hiram

Very professional, and the next time I go in, I will be less than 220 lbs., lowest in 20 years!!

Gerald J., Douglasville

18 lbs. in one month, Thank You. Your staff is awesome.

Whitney S., Rome

First thing is the products. Exactly what I needed. And second is the wonderful friendly staff at the Douglasville office. They are the BEST! Thank you for having an office near me!

Robin A., Douglasville

Staff is always so friendly and more than happy to answer any questions I may have.

Brandy G., Hiram

Staff is very knowledgeable, helpful, kind and supportive.

Marie M., Rome

Everyone was nice and informative. No waiting, I was taken back as soon as I completed my paperwork. In and out in 30 minutes.

T.H., Rome

I really like the doctor and entire staff. They are very efficient. The program has been working really well for me. There are additional items to purchase if you hit a plateau. I really appreciate that.

Linda E., Hiram

Staff is always friendly and willing to answer your questions. They help get you motivated!

Maria D., Douglasville

Very friendly. Everyone took time to listen to questions and make sure that the answers were understood.

Sandra N., Hiram

Great place, the people are so nice and understanding and willing to help you anyway that they can!

Lara H., Douglasville

Coming to First Doctors has helped me with my weight loss struggle. The staff and service are excellent. Thank you for helping me with my desire to reach my goals.

Vicky M., Rome

Friendly staff and clean atmosphere. Very professional staff.

Jane B., Douglasville

My experience so far has been great. Simple instructions and staff are very helpful. Down 23 lbs. in 2 months.

Susan B., Hiram

Staff is so friendly, and nurse practitioner so knowledgeable and caring.

Debbie G., Rome

This office is very professional and cares about your success. I have lost 27 lbs. in three months and all I did was follow their directions!

M.M., Rome

The most sensible weight loss program I have found. I'm not starving and have lost 9 lbs. my first month. I highly recommend First Doctors!

R.S., Hiram

This program is directed by an MD physician… not a chiropractor… and you can tell by the results you get. No herbs or supplements, just good medical care to lose weight. Very clean office and professional staff.

A.Q., Hiram

I've lost a total of 53 lbs. and my husband has lost 67 lbs. We have changed our lifestyle with the help of First Doctors. Best program out there!

T.B./D.B., Douglasville

I've been to lots of other places with little to no results. First Doctors fits each person's individual needs and gives them the tools to succeed. I've lost 49 lbs. and never felt better.

C.E., Rome

The reason I went to First Doctors is that they specialize in weight loss ONLY. They don't do it as a side-line. It's their specialty and they do it well.

U.N., Rome

I've lost 22 lbs. in two months by following the directions of the doctor and his staff. I'm not hungry and feel like I can just keep losing.

P.C., Douglasville

I had lost and re-gained weight several times and when I came to First Doctors they started me on a maintenance program that has kept the weight off. I'm down 37 lbs. and holding.

D.F., Hiram

Always friendly staff and appointments are efficient. Highly recommend First Doctors, I have lost 40 lbs already. Yay!


Wonderful staff and they really know how to help you on your weight loss journey, I highly recommend them if you are in need of guidance with your weight loss!!!


This was my first time visiting the office. As a new patient I didn't know what to expect but the staff was friendly, informative, and professional. I really appreciated it.


I am very pleased with First Doctor's Weight Loss. Everyone was very friendly and made me feel relaxed and welcomed. My doctor took her time with me and answered all my questions. I am very pleased with my results this first month.


I've tried to lose weight for 10 years. Within 8 months I've lost 54lbs.


First doctor's receptionists are always friendly and efficient. The nurses and doctors are knowledgeable and encouraging.


This facility has amazing customer service and is knowledgeable about aiding in weight loss and weight maintenance journey. Highly recommended!


This has been a wonderful experience. All of the staff are wonderful and encouraging. I cannot say enough!


Everyone is always so friendly and courteous and ready to take care of any needs and questions.


The staff was very friendly and knowledgeable. The process was easy and the information they provided on your biometrics was great to know. I am very happy with the services.


*Some results not typical. Patients following our program lose approximately 1-2 lbs per week. Individual results may vary.

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