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Our Programs begin with YOU

In all of our programs, the patient is medically evaluated before any approach is recommended. Our doctor will meet with you to review your medical history and develop an understanding of your overall health.

Basic Program

  1. Following a consultation and evaluation, the doctor may prescribe appetite suppressants to assist with learning new eating habits. These medications are not "herbal remedies", they are appetite suppressants approved specifically for this purpose by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.
  2. Our Nutritionist collaborates with you to design a plan for healthy eating using foods that are readily available from the supermarket.
  3. We see you monthly for a progress check and follow up with our M.D. Physician and Dietitians.

Maintenance Program

By popular demand - for patients that reach their desired body weight and just need a little help keeping the pounds off, we have developed a maintenance program in which the patient is monitored every one or two months by the doctor.

M.D. Physician Managed Medications Available

We also utilize Lipotropic Injections and hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) as recommended by the doctor.

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Weight Loss Center - Douglasville, Hiram, Rome

No crash dieting, hunger pains or tricks!

Our programs are designed to guide you through the steps of losing weight and maintaining the loss by making practical changes to your daily eating habits and activity level.

  • Board Certified Medical Doctor Directed
  • Individual Care… No Groups
  • No Contracts
  • Only FDA Approved Appetite Suppressants
  • More than One Drug Available
  • No Packaged Foods
  • Evening and Saturday Hours

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You deserve to look and feel your best! We look forward to assisting you in shedding those extra pounds and starting a new, healthy lifestyle.

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